What To Expect When Visiting A Spa
Posted on: October 12, 2016, by : admin
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Visiting a new spa should always be looked forward to with excitement. Like any new adventure a visit to the Spa entails a lot of novelty and curiosity. For you to start your spa day properly, get to your health club early enough before your preferred time so that you familiarize with what is going on and the environment. This will help you in putting to rest your uncertainties you may have in mind. When your schedule is out you either choose a female or a male therapist as per your own criteria. Expect the following in case you have never been to a Spa before:

1. Check in

Like most of the companies the first person to meet is always the customer care at the reception. Here normal greetings are made. The people at this stage are charming and they welcome you highly while assisting you on areas you are not certain of. You should be feeling comfortable and surrounded by friendly professionals who will explain every part of the process and the facilities.

2. At the locker room.

At this room there are some serious rules to follow. There is no use of all the electronic gadgets like mobile phones, laptops or cameras that can attract your attention in any way. The link between you and the outside is cut completely. The Spa is divided into two separate sides, male and female rooms. Uncovering your body might be weird to say but this is what happens at this stage. Skin tightening clothes are provided for those who are comfortable in them.

3. Enjoyable moments.

When you are finally comfortable it’s time to start enjoying the facilities. Whirlpools, mist rooms and saunas are the best known recreation options in the Spa. All the individual needs are catered for, be it single or in a group. You are attended by a specialist accordingly every step of the way.

4. Taking a shower.

Although it is not a must to shower, therapists advice everyone to do so, because your body needs to relax after all whirlpools and saunas. Showering will make your body calm down and cleanse any chlorine in your body before treatment is made. After that they provide services like air curling, blow drying among others to make sure your look is maintained.

5. Treatment.

At the final stage is the treatment stage. When this time comes your therapist at the Spa will take you to the private room. The treatments are performed here, and they vary from massage to detoxification like thermal seaweed Wrap’ is available. The therapist will choose a treatment that will suit your needs and they will help you get the best weight loss programs for women and men.

These are the basic steps you can expect to go through while at our Spa. You are welcome anytime!

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